Video: Ron Paul on Meet the Press 12/23/07

Here is Ron Paul’s entire interview this morning on Meet the Press from December 23, 2007.

Here’s a news report from The Caucus:

Representative Ron Paul was the first guest on NBC’s “Meet the Press” today, answering questions from Tim Russert about his views on terrorism, Social Security and the troop presence abroad.

But one of the more spirited exchanges came when Mr. Russert questioned Mr. Paul on his record during his years in Congress and how it lines up with Mr. Paul’s frequent tirades against government spending. (For example, he voted against sending money to victims of Hurricane Katrina.)

“You seem to have a different attitude about your own congressional district,” Mr. Russert said, then pointed out that Mr. Paul’s district received more than $4 billion from the federal government in the first nine months of the 2006 fiscal year. And according to the Houston Chronicle, Mr. Russert continued, Mr. Paul is the sponsor of no fewer than 10 earmarks in the water resources bill that benefit his district.

Mr. Paul’s defense: he may have put earmarks in, but he voted against the bills afterward.

Haven’t watched this yet, will give some analysis once I do.