Don’t count anyone out….13 days to go.

Hey Everyone!

The Ron and Tom Show is back today with a new show.

We talk about Ron Paul’s Boston Tea party and if these supporters will actually show up when it really matters, Cynthia McKinney and her Green Party candidacy, John Edwards and his latest surge and why he may surprise everyone. We also hit on Guiliani’s illness, Kucinich’s tragedy, Tancredo’s exit and endorsement, Drug testing for welfare recipients, our Presidential dream Teams, Iraq and of course how Bush stepped in it all over again.

This is our last cast until January 3rd, Iowa Primary day. We will be coming at you every Primary day and the following days for complete coverage.

Let us know what you think, publish your blog or send us your topic requests or even better your hate mail – just drop us a line and let us know what you think.

Thanks for listening!

Ron and Tom