Video: Fred Thompson on Hannity & Colmes 12/18/07

Here is Fred Thompson’s interview on Hannity & Colmes from Tuesday, December 18, 2007:

I thought this was a pertinent interview given the fact that Huckabee still leads Iowa, but his lead has fallen from the “Huck-a-boom” status of a huge lead just days ago.

Here is the most recent RCP graph:

rcp polls 12/18

Notice the black line on top is Huckabee. It has peaked and is hitting a downward trend. The question is, how far will it drop? Second, the yellow line is Romney, it’s currently on an upward trend. Thompson and Giuliani are on a pretty steady path, neither up or down so it appears that Iowa Republicans are waffling on Huckabee or Romney.

My point in all this is that polls will be changing last minute up until people actually cast votes. If I had to render a guess, I’d say Romney or Huckabee are the obvious choices but I still think anything could happen.