Video: 2008 Presidential Candidate Christmas Ads

First, here is John Edwards’ ad titled “Season”:

He seems to be big on the “season” and less on the “Christmas”. Is he going to perform a miracle or what? Cheesy.

Next, here is Hillary Clinton’s ad titled “Presents”:

Basically she’s offering universal-everything as her “gift” to the American people. Again, nay on the Christmas, yay on the rundown of campaign positions. I didn’t much care for it.

Next, here’s Rudy Giuliani’s somewhat corny ad complete with Santa Claus titled “Holiday Wishes”:

At least he managed to throw the word “Christmas” in there. Still, the sweater has to go, he looks like Mr. Rogers.

Next, here’s Barack Obama’s that doesn’t seem to have a title:

He managed the Christmas via his daughter and I actually thought this was a cute ad. Aside from the “From my family to yours, I approved this message” which sound funny, it was a decent ad. I think he did well not running down a list of campaign positions.

And, of course, the Mike Huckabee “floating cross” ad:

I like it similar to Obama’s, no campaign positions, just a friendly ad sort of portraying him as a real person.

Obama and Huck’s are the best in my opinion, Rudy’s is a close second.

Those are all the ads I could find at this point. Leave a comment if you find anymore. McCain, Thompson, and Paul didn’t seem to have one on the Republican side. Biden and Richardson were lacking for the Democrats.


Here’s an ad from the Thompson campaign:

It’s nice but I wouldn’t call it a “Christmas ad” except for the music. It’s a nice salute to the troops and God knows they deserve it.

Next, here’s one from Ron Paul via Vermouth in the comments section:

Paul’s is nice as well, it’s very homely.

Finally, here is one from John McCain:

I think the footage of him as a POW has been a bit overused in my opinion.