McCain Plotting His Iowa Comeback

Story from Yahoo! News:

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Battle-scarred John McCain is stealthily reviving a once-moribund White House campaign, and staking out a stand in New Hampshire, the scene of his greatest political triumph.

“We’re on a roll,” McCain, a Vietnam war veteran, said Monday as he plotted an unlikely course through the chaotic Republican field, less than three weeks before the first 2008 nominating contests.

Once the Republican heir apparent, McCain’s campaign plunged close to extinction this year, as a cash crunch and his unpopular support for the Iraq war and moderate line on illegal immigration took a toll.

But McCain, 71, who had called for years for more troops in Iraq, sees signs of success for the current US troop surge strategy as a springboard to relaunch a campaign based heavily on the “war on terror.”

“Our next president will face two wars and an array of national security challenges around the world,” the Arizona senator said in South Carolina Saturday.

With the Des Moines Register endorsement, he’s planning on doing more Iowa campaigning hoping to capitalize on the recent surge of news. You’ve got the Boston Globe and Joe Lieberman endorsing him as well.

The endorsements sent a jolt of enthusiasm through the McCain camp.

“Good things happen to the best presidential candidate, and that’s exactly what’s happening to John McCain,” said campaign manager Rick Davis in a fundraising email.

The 2008 Republican field is notoriously fluid, and the party’s various factions are yet to converge around a consensus candidate: a scenario which has given McCain a second chance.

In an average of recent polls by, McCain is on 18 percent in New Hampshire, behind long-time front-runner Mitt Romney on 32 percent.

In my opinion, he’s going nowhere in Iowa, he ought to just focus on New Hampshire where he’s currently running 2nd on average.

McCain’s time has past in my opinion. Joe Lieberman and some newspapers no one reads aren’t going to revive him either. Still, getting some positive press has at least given his campaign a renewed sense of hope.