Lieberman Endorses McCain – Video added

From Yahoo

The Democratic vice presidential nominee in 2000 endorsed John McCain for president on Monday, scandalizing Democrats in Washington and giving the GOP hopeful a much-needed boost in New Hampshire where independents outnumber Republicans and Democrats.Sen. Joseph Lieberman, an independent who caucuses with the Democrats, said he chose his longtime Senate colleague because he has the best shot of breaking partisan gridlock in Washington. Both men also are strong and vocal supporters of the war in Iraq.”On all the issues, you’re never going to do anything about them unless you have a leader who can break through the partisan gridlock,” said Lieberman, who was Al Gore’s running mate seven years ago. “The status quo in Washington is not working.”

I can’t say it’s really much of a shocker. I did watch the live press release and while I agree with what Lieberman said in terms of how its important to have different political parties, however it’s more important to choose the right person for the job as opposed to the “right party”……( I’ve been preaching that from day one.)

I disagree with him on the part where he gives his endorsement to McCain and states he believes McCain the best for the job….apparently the Democrats were none to happy about it either….

Leading Democrats weren’t happy with his latest move.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada said in a statement: “I have the greatest respect for Joe, but I simply have to disagree with his decision to endorse Senator McCain.”

Al From, the founder and CEO of the centrist Democratic Leadership Council, said, “I am very saddened by Senator Lieberman’s choice and profoundly disagree with it. We need to elect a Democratic president in 2008.”

No Al, we need to elect somebody that’s going to do the job rather than play puppet to his party. Congratulations, you get the Moron of the Month award for your comments. 😛

Update by Nate

Here’s some video of the endorsement from Hot Air:

Lieberman stated a while ago that if he couldn’t find a Democrat he could support, he would be backing a Republican McCain seems to be the man of the hour for endorsements.