Video: John Edwards on This Week, Face the Nation 12/16/07

Here is John Edwards’ entire interview on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos from December 16, 2007:

There’s a small chance Edwards could upset in Iowa but I highly doubt it’s going to happen. He will probably take 3rd place which won’t be enough to propel him anywhere beyond that placement. Furthermore, I think Edwards should take this as a hint to stop running for president. He can go back home and become a senator I’m sure without much trouble. His message is too far left to get his party’s nomination in my opinion.


Also, Edwards was on Face the Nation this morning as well:

Here’s the report on that from CBS News:

John Edwards failed to land a key endorsement in the Iowa caucuses, when the Des Moines Register editorial board backed Hillary Clinton – this almost four years after the paper endorsed Edwards in the last Democratic primary.

But the former senator from North Carolina said he had a major disagreement with the paper over dealing with corporate power.

“I think their view was, you work with them, you engage with them,” Edwards said to Schieffer. “I think some of the huge corporate power and interests that exist in Washington, you have to take them on and be willing to fight them, if you actually want to bring about change in this country.”

In fact, he dismissed the editorial’s description of his “harsh, anti-corporate rhetoric” which the paper said “would make it difficult to work with the business community to forge change.”

“We just had a fundamental disagreement about that,” he said.

A “key endorsement” in Iowa would matter about as much as me endorsing John Edwards, nobody would care. He doesn’t need an endorsement, he needs Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to drop out of the race. If that happens, he’s got it clinched.

Since that’s the case, Edwards is looking at 3rd place finishes in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina in my opinion.

He was on CNN’s Late Edition as well, you can go watch that here if you so choose.