Video: Fred Thompson on Face the Nation 12/16/07

Also, here is Fred Thompson’s entire interview this morning with Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation December 16, 2007:

Here’s a news report from CBS News:

(CBS) Trailing behind the Republican front-runners, former Sen. Fred Thompson said he was hitting the Iowa highways this week and will crisscross the state non-stop until caucus day in an effort to speak the truth of the leading Republican candidates’ records.

Appearing on CBS’ Face The Nation, Thompson said he would work to educate Iowa primary voters about inconsistencies in the records of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and former Arkansas Governor Michael Huckabee.

Of Huckabee, Thompson said, “Liberal is the only word that comes to mind, when he was governor.

“Cato Institute rated him one of the worst governors in terms of taxes and tax increases,” Thompson said. “He wanted to lift the embargo on Castro. Now he wants to close Guantanamo because he thinks it will curry some favor with other nations. It’s basically a pretty social liberal policy that he has followed for several years, and hasn’t made any bones about it up until recently.

At this point, Thompson has to go all out and attack Huckabee directly. If not, he may as well throw in the towel because his campaign’s basically going nowhere. Unless Iowans have a last minute change of heart in the voting booth, Thompson will place 4th or 5th in Iowa most likely. The best he could hope for is 3rd. New Hampshire he’s got no shot anymore and South Carolina is teetering toward Huckabee and Thompson is losing ground there quickly.

Thompson is pounding the liberal drum against Huckabee, I don’t think it’s going to do much. It’s hard to call an evangelical Southern Baptist Pastor a liberal and make it stick. Maybe a loose spender, maybe a pushover on taxes, but hardly a liberal by most accounts.

I won’t rule him out entirely, think John Kerry 2004, however, it’s not looking good for his campaign.