Newspaper Endorsements For McCain, Clinton, and Obama – Updated

The Des Moines Register endorsed McCain and Clinton. The Boston Globe on the other hand endorsed Obama and McCain.

Here’s a video report on the endorsements:

I don’t think this makes much difference except for Obama by the Boston Globe. It’s a widely read paper in New Hampshire which could sway some folks if Oprah already hasn’t.

In Iowa, McCain doesn’t really have a chance of winning the caucuses. The Boston Globe is more important for him as well since in New Hampshire he stands a fighting chance.


The Weekly Standard has it that McCain’s going to get another fairly major endorsement:


THE WEEKLY STANDARD has learned that Sen. Joe Lieberman, the 2000 Democratic vice-presidential nominee, will endorse Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) for president tomorrow. The two will appear together at a press conference Monday morning in New Hampshire, weather permitting.

Lieberman’s a good man but I don’t think this will do much for McCain either.