Video: Hillary Clinton Softening Her Image, Again

It seems like Hillary is eternally “softening” her image.

Here’s a report from CBS News on the matter:

Having her mother and Chelsea out campaigning for her, I don’t know if this is going to help her much at this point in the campaign.

In my opinion, Hillary doesn’t need to soften her image, she needs to appeal to a desire for change in Democratic voters. Unfortunately she totes Bill Clinton around. While he is indeed popular, he does not represent a change to a new kind of politics.

Here’s a story from the New York Daily News:

JOHNSTON, Iowa – Hillary Clinton, who spent the past year as the Democratic presidential front-runner fostering an aura of inevitability, found herself Friday in the humbling position of declaring she won’t be knocked out early.

With polls showing Clinton locked in a tough battle in Iowa’s Jan. 3 caucuses and her once dominant lead in New Hampshire now gone, the former First Lady said she is in the race to stay through Super Duper Tuesday, when more than 20 states including New York and California hold primaries.

“I have always intended to go all the way through this process, all the way through the Feb. 5 states,” said Clinton when asked during an interview on Iowa Public Television whether her campaign could withstand a loss in Iowa. “Every single place that there’s going to be a caucus or an election between now and Feb. 5, I’m going to contend in.”

She’d be foolish not to be in it, as if that was ever a question. It seems like a candidate drops a few points in the polls and the press starts questioning them as to whether they’re going to quit or not.

Working on getting that IPTV interview with her.