Hillary’s Last-Ditch Effort to Sway Voters Before Iowa

There’s a lot of news coming out today that her campaign is going into over drive to win Iowa and secure some early victories.

She’s spending about $275,000 per day in advertising in Iowa and New Hampshire but her latest plan is something else.

From the Chicago Tribune:

IOWA CITY, IA – It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a Hill-A-Copter!

Or so the Clinton camp has branded a helicopter that the candidate will fly around in during her “Every County Counts Tour” across Iowa, beginning Sunday.

Campaign staffers are calling the tour a five-day blitz across Iowa’s 99 counties, but Clinton herself will only appear in 12. Husband/President Bill and “others” will hit the remaining 87 checkerboard jurisdictions that make up the Hawkeye State.

“In the final days before the Iowa caucuses, I want to tap into that spirit so that every voice is heard on caucus night for universal health care, a stronger economy and an end to the war in Iraq,” Candidate Clinton said last night in Iowa, according to a press release.

She will be traversing the state in all directions to secure votes.

Finally, another poll shows her losing ground in New Hampshire, this from the Concord Monitor:

Barack Obama has come from behind to turn the Democratic presidential race in New Hampshire into a toss-up, according to a new Monitor opinion poll. The results – which show Obama with a one-point edge over Hillary Clinton – mirror other polls released this week, indicating that Clinton’s once-imposing lead has evaporated in the run-up to New Hampshire’s Jan. 8 primary.

The poll suggests that the Democratic race could hinge on the turnout of undeclared voters, who aren’t registered with either political party. Much of Obama’s backing comes from undeclared voters, while registered Democrats make up the bulk of Clinton’s support. In New Hampshire, undeclared voters can vote in either party primary, giving them sway in both contests.

It’s still a statistical dead heat, well within the margin of error. However, that just means this nomination isn’t being handed to Hillary, she may have to actually take it back from Obama.

The results:

* Obama — 32 percent
* Clinton — 31 percent
* John Edwards — 18 percent
* Bill Richardson — 8 percent
* Dennis Kucinich — 3 percent
* Joe Biden — 2 percent
* Chris Dodd — 1 percent
* Undecided — 5 percent
* Margin of error: +/- 5 percentage points

I would not have predicted this 3 months ago. However, her campaign made several gaffes since then and Obama has come out looking better and better because of them. However, Obama has had gaffes too so I can’t explain it. Call it the Obama “excitement”.


Howard Fineman from Newsweek is basically giving her campaign a warning:

WASHINGTON – Sen. Hillary Clinton’s campaign is teetering on the brink, no matter what the meaningless national horserace numbers say. The notion that she has a post-Iowa “firewall” in New Hampshire is a fantasy, and she is in danger of losing all four early contests, including Nevada and South Carolina – probably to Sen. Barack Obama, who is now, in momentum terms, the Democratic frontrunner.

I actually agree at this point. This race has become wide open and I think it shows how much Democratic voters seem to be shying away, at least in some numbers, to the thought of another Clinton presidency. Not because they didn’t like Bill Clinton, but because when you think “Hillary” you don’t think “change” and that’s what Democratic organizations have been pounding into people’s heads for the past 6 years about Bush.