Former Clinton Precinct Captain Defects to Obama, Films Video

This is somewhat funny.

First, the news story from All Headlines News:

Johnston, IA (AHN) — The presidential campaign of Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) said on Friday that an Iowa precinct captain for rival Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) had defected to their side because of “personal attacks” that have caused the Clinton camp to make repeated public apologies and force the resignations of at least three campaign workers.

In a post titled “Turning Toward Hope,” Susan Klopfer says she was “disappointed lately to see all these attacks [Clinton’s] been making on Barack Obama.”

“When her campaign went after Barack for saying he wanted to be president in kindergarten, I thought: “Now this is really silly, what is this campaign coming to?” said Kloper, who was shown in an accompanying video replacing a Clnton sign in her front yard with one supporting Obama. “These kinds of negative attacks just isn’t what Iowans are interested in. We’re interested in what candidates are going to do about the big challenges we face, whether it’s universal health care, fighting global climate change, or ending this war in Iraq.”

Here’s the video she made for the Obama campaign courtesy of the Obama campaign, of course:

That’s quite a jab at Hillary. I think Obama is smart to ride the anti-Hillary wave and help to perpetuate the stereotypes against her. The Republicans would be doing the same in the general if she won the nomination but Obama can use the same tactics to his advantage at this point. He’s got nothing else to lose if he truly wants to win.