Hillary Aims To Put A Stop To Obama

From Yahoo:

by Stephen Collinson
Thu Dec 13, 9:40 AM ET

JOHNSTON, Iowa (AFP) – Beset by sliding poll numbers and tabloid tales of campaign turmoil, Hillary Clinton Thursday takes on Democratic foe Barack Obama in the last debate before 2008 nominating contests kick off.

The former first lady will hope to use the debate, 21 days before the Iowa caucuses, to halt her rival’s momentum, and repair her former aura of invincibility.

But Obama, a first-term senator hoping to become the first African-American president, will try to stay above the fray, supporters said, as he rams home his claim that Clinton is a symptom of poisoned US politics, not a cure.

I couldn’t agree more. That’s probably the best way I have heard it put so far. Sorry Hill maybe one day I may lose my mind and vote for Chelsea sometime down the road 😛