Des Moines Register/IPTV Republican Debate Analysis

It’s almost over, here’s a playlist of highlights courtesy of Hot Air:

We’ll have more video clips and news once it finishes, still doing the live updates till it finishes.


It’s over, and frankly, it was rather mild without any personal attacks really. I think Huckabee came out well, at least, he wasn’t attacked in any way that even remotely hurt him. I think he’ll continue to emerge as the leader.

Nobody clearly “won” in my opinion, it was spirited and focused on the issues. More analysis and news to follow. The Fox focus group thinks Mitt Romney won the debate.


Fox focus group is using words like “Huck-a-bomb”, says he didn’t shine in the least, was disappointing.

The full video will be up this afternoon sometime, check back to watch the entire debate then.


Here’s a blurb from a CNN story:

(CNN) — Issues most important to Iowa voters dominated Wednesday’s debate between the GOP presidential candidates.

The debate was to focus on “issues Iowans say they still to know more about,” moderator Carolyn Washburn said in her opening remarks. “We won’t talk a lot about issues like Iraq or immigration. They’re important issues, no doubt, but Iowans say they know where the candidates are coming from on those.”

In a way, focusing on issues was good. However, in another way, it didn’t give any candidate to address the other or actually respond to criticism they’ve been receiving in the press. I would have asked Mitt Romney about the attack ad he launched on Huckabee and then asked Huckabee to respond, that would have been pertinent in my opinion.


Here is the entire video:

Video: Des Moines Register Republican Debate From Iowa