Video: Univision Republican Debate With English Subtitles

OK, it’s the English closed-captioning, and it’s from someone who recorded the TV broadcast with a video camera. However, it seems to get the job done. I was about halfway done creating my own subtitles when I found this. Unfortunately I’d wasted several hours of my life already.

So, here is the entire Univision Republican Debate from Miami with the English closed captioning.

Click the image to watch:
Univision Republican Debate

It was fairly subdued. The audience was quite involved though but there was still discussion of border security and immigration, those topics didn’t get a negative response like the media would have you think they would. The biggest negative response was Ron Paul’s remarks about opening trade with Castro.


The Google copy was removed, luckily I snatched it before it was. The link now goes to the sevenload version from our 2008 Debate Video Section:

12/9/07 – Video: Univision Republican Debate with English subtitles from Miami, Florida