Video: Romney Attacks Huckabee in New Iowa Ad – Updated

First, a report from USAToday:

BOSTON (AP) — His shot at the Republican presidential nomination in jeopardy, Mitt Romney will begin running a TV ad against Iowa front-runner Mike Huckabee on illegal immigration starting Tuesday while weighing how much negative campaigning he can add to the methodical plan he’s followed all year.

The ad says the former governors have a lot in common — but not on illegal immigration, an important issue in Iowa, which will lead off nomination voting with its caucuses on Jan. 3

Second, here is the actual ad in question:

I should replace the word “Attacks” with the word “Disses” because it’s rather mild. If this is an attack ad, where’s the mudslinging? This is sort of the pot calling the kettle black at this point. However, when Romney criticizes someone, that is often the case since he’s got a deep past of flip-flopping on several issues. Mentioning like 2 differences is pretty weak. Furthermore, the ad praises Huckabee as a good family man! This could have been an ad for Huckabee minus about 5 seconds.

I don’t think this is going to make a difference. Romney has been campaigning since January, if Iowans don’t know where he stands on issues by now, one advertisement isn’t going to make any difference.


Thanks to a reader for this info:

“This ad basically goes out the window because Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Minuteman came out with an endorsement of Mike Huckabee today, on the very issue Romney is trying to “diss” Huckabee on.”

Sure enough, the story from CBS News:

COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA — Snowed in, the Mike Huckabee campaign cancelled his morning events and organized an impromptu news conference where he received the endorsement of Jim Gilchrist, the founder of the anti-illegal immigration Minuteman Project.

Huckabee accused the federal government of “failing” to put together an immigration policy where people “come through the front door, not the back door” and live with their “head held up high. Calling the “amnesty of the 1980s” a “miserable failure,” Huckabee said “we’ve created” a “society where people are forced into hiding.”

Gilchrist said he had been made aware of Huckabee’s plan a month ago and Huckabee said the endorsement had nothing to do with Romney’s new ad criticizing him on the immigration issue and was merely “providential.”

Does that indeed render the issue null and void? To have one of the preeminent activists on illegal immigration and border security endorse Mike Huckabee is big news for his campaign.