Report: Fred Thompson Abandons New Hampshire

This from CNN’s Political Ticker:

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Fred Thompson has decided to abandon the Granite State, and will campaign in Iowa full-time until the January 3 caucuses.

The former Tennessee senator is planning to begin a bus tour of the Hawkeye State next week that will run through the end of the year, with a brief break for the Christmas holiday, campaign spokesman Jeff Sadosky tells CNN.

A “strong finish” in Iowa “will allow us to springboard into South Carolina, Florida and the rest of the February 5 states in a very strong position,” said Sadosky.

If I were Fred Thompson, I’d abandon New Hampshire as well. On average, he’s running at 4% which is below Ron Paul at 5% on average. Time to close up shop in the granite state for the Thompson camp.

I guess it depends on what the definition of “strong finish” is. He’s currently 3rd on average so if 3rd place is a “strong finish”, then he might have a chance in Iowa. All in all, barring an unforeseen Thompson surge, I think his campaign has seen better days and is on the way out. I think Iowa, the best he could hope for is 3rd. New Hampshire he’s basically last, South Carolina proves to still be a horse race. However, I’m betting whoever wins Iowa/New Hampshire will have momentum to take South Carolina as well for the Republicans.