CBS News Poll: Oprah Hurts Obama, Bill Helps Hillary

I found this rather fascinating. A new CBS News/New York Times poll shows that Oprah either makes no difference or makes people less willing to vote for Obama. However, Bill Clinton makes people more likely to vote for Hillary.

Here’s the story from CBS News:

For all the hype and attention she has received, the poll indicates that Oprah Winfrey may not be having much of an impact on moving voters. Just one percent of Democrats said Winfrey’s endorsement of Obama would make it more likely to vote for him while 14 percent said it would make it less likely they would support his candidacy and 80 percent said it would make no difference.

By contrast, 44 percent said Bill Clinton’s involvement with his wife’s campaign would make it more likely for the them to support her, 7 percent said less and 46 percent said it would make no difference.

So could it be that Oprah isn’t lending any credit to Obama for some reason? She’s immensely popular for doing humanitarian good and her widely view TV show.

However, could it simply be the fact that people just do not hold Oprah’s political views to mean anything? I’m wondering if people like Oprah, but they are reluctant in allowing her to dictate their vote. She said in her speeches for Obama, “I’m not telling you how to think, I’m telling you to think about Barack Obama”. However, that flies in the face of the rest of her speech where she repeatedly says “We need Barack Obama!”. Well if we’re not being told how to think, why do we need Obama?

I’m surprised by the negative reaction actually. Clearly when a celebrity, even a very popular one, tells people how to vote, there is a negative visceral reaction.

On the contrary, Democrats are still in love with Bill Clinton. Of Oprah can’t give Obama an edge, he’s done in my opinion.

Update from Angry:

Those polls are left open to broad interpretation in my opinion, you could read them in different ways. My view: Obama supporters will be Obama Supporters no matter what. Clintonites will always be Clintonites, however I find it extremely hard to believe anyone would actually be more likely to endorse Hillary with involvement from Bill. That’s basically ignoring the main problem we have at hand which is poor untrustworthy leadership or lack of leadership I should say. So somehow 44% of people think Bill Clinton, the guy who lied to the American people, screwed over his wife, and pardoned everybody he possibly could to redefine the phrase “good-ole boy system” not to mention a few terrorists, former partners of his wife, relatives…..would benefit Hillary Clinton running the country?

Hell no. This just furthers the problem. So the blind(obviously being Democrats if this poll is correct) want to continue being led by the blind further into obscurity until we have no more country? I find that poll a little hard to believe. Why on earth are people so hell bent on electing a socialist who used her husband to get where she is today, I mean c’mon the obvious repetitive cheating he got caught up in, and she’s still with him? Not in today’s society. She has and always had an agenda. Political power. And now she’s using her MOTHER and her darling little daughter, trotting her out on the stage to combat Oprah of all people…..