Polls all mixed, no clear leader on either side

The story from CNN:

WASHINGTON (CNN) – New Mason-Dixon polls released Sunday show the primary picture growing more, not less, uncertain with the first presidential voting less than a month away.

No Democrat in Iowa, New Hampshire or South Carolina has a lead safely outside the margin of error.

On the Republican side, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee appears to have a double-digit edge in Iowa, and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney an 8-point margin in New Hampshire – but South Carolina remains up for grabs, with five candidates registering in double digits.

It’s definitely a horse race at this point. I’m wondering if Huckabee will continue weathering the constant barrage of new negative press stories all the way to January 3rd. If we’re to believe the Iowa polls, he is set to win or at least come in second at this point.

Still working on the Univision Republican debate video, who knew converting English closed captioning to subtitles was this difficult?