Hillary’s Answer To The Obama & Oprah Duo

From ABC World News:

December 08, 2007 12:36 PM

by MichaelJames

ABC News’ David Wright and Eloise Harper report: Sen. Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton and Dorothy Rodham walked into Palmer’s Deli and Market in Des Moines, Iowa, and created quite the stir this morning. While the flat screens above were featuring TV anchors discussing the Oprah effect — the Clinton family was quietly creating its own media frenzy.

Sen. Clinton was asked if she was worried about the big crowds Obama is going to draw today with Oprah Winfrey. Clinton shrugged it off. “I am having a good time; I’m just not sure if I’m going to eat all of this in front of you,” she said. “That’s the only thing I’m concerned about right now.”

Clinton had ordered the Good Ol’ Iowa — which included an omelet, rye toast, hash browns and tea. Chelsea had an egg white omelet with lots of well-done hash browns. Chelsea was concerned that her grandmother hadn’t ordered and came back with the order — Mrs. Rodham selected the hotcakes.
Sen. Clinton paid the bill with cash, and Chelsea dumped the change into the tip jar.

The three women ignored the TV crew surrounding them while they ate their breakfast.
Andy McGuire, a campaign co-chair, joined the ladies and asked Chelsea if she has a boyfriend.
“I have a very serious boyfriend, who my family knows and, I hope, likes,” Chelsea said. “You will meet him. He will be here in December.”

A little boy and girl approached Chelsea and her mother and told the duo, “Girls rule and boys drool.” Chelsea laughed and said, “I am agreeing with the first half of the statement.”

Chelsea and her grandmother will be joining Sen. Clinton on the trail today. Its not Chelsea’s first time to the Hawkeye State — but it is her first time on the campaign trail. She told the people at the table she will be back.

Girls Rule Boys Drool? All I am going to say is it’s sad when the daughter has a more mature approach. Anything else is just kicking a dead horse. Feminist, CHECK. Elementary School Mentality, CHECK. Ok, we’re good.

Speaking of Chelsea, it’s interesting how she’s been kept hidden and now here she is being used for political gain. Somehow I just don’t see this as having any impact on what Obama is doing. If anything it will look even more feminist than she already has portrayed her self to be and not to be and to be again, I’m not sure which one it is this week.

I think Nate covered a similar story a few days ago. Can we just go ahead and call her Senator Obvious? Obviously this one isn’t gettin past anybody.