Video: Joe Biden on This Week 12/9/07

Here is Joe Biden’s entire interview on This Week from Sunday, December 9, 2007:

Here’s a news report on the appearance from ABC News:

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Joe Biden this morning called for a special counsel to investigate the destruction of videos that showed CIA interrogation of terror suspects.

“It appears as though there may be an obstruction of justice charge here, tampering with evidence and destroying evidence,” said Biden, D-Del., on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.”

“I think this is one case where it really does call for a special counsel,” he said. “I think this leads right into the White House. There may be a legal and rational explanation, but I don’t see any on the face of it.”

Biden, who is also a 2008 presidential candidate, conceded that CIA Director Mike Hayden might be correct in saying that the destruction of the tapes was fully lawful.

“I’m not sure he’s wrong,” Biden said. “But the point of the matter is I think that Hayden is not to be the judge of whether or not his ordering or his condoning the destroying of the tapes was lawful.”

Not a huge 2008 discussion really but we try to capture all the candidates here.