Oprah and Obama Continue Their Campaign March

Today they headed to Columbia, South Carolina and New Hampshire.

Here’s a short clip from the South Carolina rally, she said basically the same things as she said at the Iowa events:

Here’s a news report on the South Carolina event from MSNBC:

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey on Sunday told thousands of people in a football stadium in this early voting state to shrug off Barack Obama’s detractors and help him “seize the opportunity” in his bid for the White House.

“South Carolina – January 26th is your moment,” Winfrey said, referring to the state Democratic primary date during a campaign stop alongside the Illinois senator. “It’s your time to seize the opportunity to support a man who, as the Bible says, loves mercy and does justly.”

Obama’s campaign said more than 29,000 attended the event at the University of South Carolina’s football stadium. It had the feel of a rock concert, with bands playing for early arrivals and campaign supporters yelling “fire it up” to the crowd.

It’s a big media spectacle but who knows if it will pay off in more Obama votes, that’s a pretty large crowd.