Hillary Tries to Counter Oprah, Fails

Well, fails in my opinion, mainly because it’s hard to counter a campaign event with Oprah Winfrey since it’s never happened before.

Here’s the story from the AP via MyWay:

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – While rival Barack Obama is turning to celebrity, Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton is bringing a distinctly family feel to her bid for the party’s nomination by opening her latest campaign swing with her 88-year-old mother in tow.

Clinton, locked in a tight race with Obama and former Sen. John Edwards in the state’s leadoff caucuses, planned a two-day series of grass-roots events encouraging people to “bring a buddy” to the Jan. 3 caucuses.

“I wanted to bring a buddy with me so I brought my mother, Dorothy Rodham,” said Clinton. “She lives with Bill and me and she’s been following the campaign very closely. She has a lot of questions that I try to answer.”

Continuing the family focus, Clinton’s campaign announced that her former president husband Bill will return to the state on Monday to stump on her behalf. Hillary Clinton opened her latest presidential campaign swing at a Des Moines high school where she held her first campaign event in Iowa nearly a year ago.

Furthermore, the New York Times is reporting that Chelsea Clinton has been trotted out as well to counter the Oprah events:

DES MOINES – With Oprah Winfrey headed here on Saturday to campaign for Senator Barack Obama, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton brought a surprise guest of her own: Chelsea Clinton.

It was Ms. Clinton’s debut on the presidential campaign trail, smiling broadly as she walked into Palmer’s Deli a few steps behind her mother for a breakfast photo opportunity. She shed her coat and immediately began shaking hands and mingling with Iowa supporters who were seated among the diners.

“Chelsea, delighted to meet you,” said Julia Martinusen, 49, who signed up as a Clinton supporter in recent weeks. “I was just wondering where you’d been.”

Here’s some audio of Chelsea speaking to the voters:
Chelsea Speaking

Count me not convinced by Chelsea’s strong arm tactics. 🙂