You Decide 2008 Site News

There’s a lot happening now at and I couldn’t be more pleased.

First of all, we are in the middle of upgrading our web hosting since the popularity of the site has forced us to. I consider this a blessing since I never thought I would actually have to do so. We went from 50-100 visits a day probably 5 months ago to about 1500-3000 hits a day now. As a result, the old shared hosting was dying under the pressure.

Second, we’ve hit over 100,000 unique visits and that number is growing everyday, by the thousands.

Third, with the hosting and server upgrades, we will continue to strive to be the source for 2008 election news, video, and general information concerning all things 2008.

Finally, I want to thank each and every reader personally for your readership, this wouldn’t happen without you supporting the site.

So, for the next 24-48 hours, we will be in the middle of an upgrade so forgive us if there’s an error or two here and there. In a perfect world, you won’t even notice the transfer while it’s happening but that’s a best case scenario. In the next day or two, the site should be running much faster and stop experiencing errors related to the fact that we outgrew the old hosting. If you find any bugs or something not working right, shoot me a message or leave a comment to this post.

So thank you, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and I hope you’ll continue coming back here in the future. We intend to continue providing all the video and content we’ve been, only now we can do so even better.


I realize now the actual pages aren’t working in the debate video section, working on the problem, will update when it’s fixed. Thanks for your patience.


Problem solved! The video section is working fine now as well. I think everything that I can see is working as it should. Let me know if you get any errors or weird activity. Running fully off the new host, feels faster already.


Had to reset the number of post views and all time post views. Although, it was reset like 6 months ago I think so it’s no big deal.