The Ron Paul Blimp, Seriously… – Video added

The story from the Politico:


Up in the sky: It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s … Ron Paul?

If a whimsical publicity stunt goes as planned, a blimp hyping the long-shot Republican presidential campaign of the Texas congressman will launch next week.

The Ron Paul blimp is set to fly from North Carolina, over Washington, New York and Boston, before heading to New Hampshire, where the Jan. 8 primary offers the iconic libertarian perhaps his best chance of translating his zealous Internet support into votes.

It has nothing to do with the Ron Paul Campaign. None of his major fund raisers seem to do:

Like the unprecedented online fundraising behind Paul’s bid, the blimp effort, which appears on pace financially, isn’t affiliated with the official campaign and pushes traditional political conventions.

And that’s not just because it likely would be the first blimp to be turned into a flying billboard for a White House hopeful.

It also tests the reach of campaign finance rules by employing an innovative funding structure that could expose a new way to pour largely unregulated money into politics.

I’m going to predict that the blimp isn’t going to sway many votes. Though it will definitely garner media publicity. Perhaps when they reach New Hampshire they can offer rides to continue raising money.


Here’s a video report from CNN:

Everyone remembers what happened the last time a famous blimp made the news:

I will admit, Ron Paul supporters have unique ideas. We’ll leave it at that.