Huckabee Releases Immigration Plan, Declines Faith Discussion

First, the immigration plan from Yahoo! News:

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee proposes to stop illegal immigration with a Mexico border fence, more border patrol agents and forcing illegal immigrants to go home before they can return.

Released Friday, Huckabee’s plan takes a tough stance – similar to those of his GOP rivals – though he has been more forgiving of some here illegally: As Arkansas governor, Huckabee attempted to make children of illegal immigrants eligible for scholarships and in-state college tuition.

Huckabee defended that Arkansas effort at a debate last month: “In all due respect, we are a better country than to punish children for what their parents did. We’re a better country than that.”

His new immigration plan does not address education, health care or other services provided to illegal immigrants that strain communities in early-voting Iowa and other places where people are angry about the issue.

More agents, secure the border, build a fence, pretty generic plan for border security in my opinion. Although, he will probably take some slack for trying to square this tougher plan with his Arkansas record of being rather soft on illegal immigration. As long as he avoids the McCain/Kennedy/amnesty stance he should be alright.

Here’s a little video report on yet more polling which shows him gaining serious ground:

Second, another story from Yahoo! News:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) – Republican presidential candidate and Baptist preacher Mike Huckabee says he won’t discuss “intricate, nit-picky things of church doctrine,” such as the role of women in the ministry, because the issues aren’t relevant to the presidency.

The former Arkansas governor said that while he’s open to discussing the basic pillars of his faith – and praised rival Mitt Romney for opening up in a speech Thursday about his – he won’t voice his views on the of`t-discussed controversies in Southern Baptist denominations.

“I think (discussing faith) is an important part of helping people get to know the candidates,” Huckabee said Friday morning after a breakfast fundraiser in Charlotte. “(But) sometimes the questions get a little laborious when they start asking you about intricate, nit-picky things of church doctrine that’s probably not all that relevant to being president.”

Clearly there are some should would try and embarrass Huckabee by somehow making him answer questions like the role of women in the church. He’s Southern Baptist and typically women are not allowed to be pastors or deacons if I’m not mistaken, which I may be. Still, it’s a dumb question in with regard to the presidency, I’ll agree with him on that.