Bill Clinton & Oprah Hit the Trail, Edwards Supporters Complain

In my opinion, Obama’s got the better end of this deal but that’s just me.

Story from USAToday:

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — Former president Bill Clinton will campaign for his wife in Charleston on Saturday, a day before her Democratic rival, Sen. Barack Obama, is to speak in this early voting state alongside media mogul Oprah Winfrey.

New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign confirmed Friday that the former president plans to make a campaign trip to the coastal city. The time and place of the appearance were not immediately made public.

Bill Clinton just doesn’t seem to have the magic ability to attract the press like Oprah does.

Winfrey, the popular talk show host, plans to visit Iowa to campaign with Obama on Saturday before heading to Columbia. Earlier this week, the Illinois senator’s campaign shifted Sunday’s event from an indoor arena to the University of South Carolina’s football stadium, saying there had been an overwhelming demand by people who wanted to attend.

We’ll have some video previews and more reports on Oprah’s campaigning up sometime later.


Meanwhile, Edwards supporters are none too pleased and expressed some disgust with Oprah:

Story from The Caucus:

And on a conference call today, supporters of former Senator John Edwards expressed dissatisfaction with Ms. Winfrey for coming here but not addressing issues like education, health care or poor conditions facing senior citizens.

“If you can build a school in South Africa, build one in South Carolina,” Linda Dogan, a member of the City Council in Spartanburg, said on the conference call, which was organized by the Edwards campaign.

In defense of Oprah, who are these people to tell anyone else what they can do with their own money? John Edwards has millions as well, shouldn’t they be demanding he build a school in South Carolina?