Candidates begin to shift course

From the AP via Yahoo

WASHINGTON – For at least a year, Mitt Romney worked to keep his Mormon faith away from the center of his campaign for the White House. And for months, Hillary Rodham Clinton largely steered clear of criticizing her Democratic rivals.

No longer.

Now, locked in unpredictable, tight races in the leadoff Iowa caucuses, both the Democratic senator from New York and the Republican former governor of Massachusetts are shifting course. Clinton’s decision to assail Sen. Barack Obama and Romney’s speech Thursday on religious faith are seen by pros in both parties as signs that the status quo carried potential dangers.

“It was Napoleon who said, ‘No plan has ever survived contact with the enemy,'” said Mark Mellman, a Democratic pollster who is not affiliated with any candidate in the 2008 race. “The truth is these campaigns are really for the first time coming into contact with the enemy. And so they’ve got to change plans.”

Herein lies the problem, notice the word enemy is used. These politicians forget they are Americans, colleagues, and both fighting to bring about a better America, albeit through different points of view and methods. Instead some of them view each other as enemies due to their various religious or political affiliations or even points of view. It’s funny that this pollster made this comment because it was reported some time back that Hillary had at one time made a comment to the effect that Republicans being invited to dinner in the White House while Bill was in office was offensive to her as “they were the enemy” and “these people want to destroy us”.

While I can’t back that claimed remark as to the nature of its validity, it does give you somewhat of a different perspective on what we’re dealing with here.