Poll: Huckabee weak in New Hampshire

Apparently Huckabee’s popularity among Republican voters so far hasn’t extended out of Iowa.

This from ABC News:

The forces pulling Mike Huckabee to the fore in Iowa are fizzling 1,300 miles to the east, where, in New Hampshire, Mitt Romney holds strong on issues and personal attributes — and unthreatened by the religion issue he’ll try to lay to rest in a speech tomorrow.

Romney, a Mormon, is being challenged in Iowa by Huckabee, a Baptist minister whose support has soared particularly in some core Republican groups there — evangelical Christians, conservatives and strong abortion opponents. But each of those groups is less plentiful in the New Hampshire electorate, and far more supportive of Romney.

Here’s how the ABC numbers break down:

All told, just more than a month before the Jan. 8 primary, 37 percent of likely Republican voters in New Hampshire support Romney, 20 percent McCain and 16 percent Giuliani. Huckabee trails with 9 percent support, about the same as Ron Paul’s 8 percent. Fred Thompson has 4 percent.

Clearly the “Huckaboom,” as it’s been dubbed, isn’t catching on in the granite state. In fact, in New Hampshire it appears that Ron Paul has the same chance of winning the state.

However, would a win in Iowa propel Huckabee up in New Hampshire polls? I don’t necessarily think so since Bush won Iowa in 2000, then lost New Hampshire to McCain.

Could Huckabee be setting up a similar result?


A new Rasmussen Poll has Huckabee sitting first nationally at 20% to Giuliani’s 17%.