Audio: The National/Iowa Public Radio Democratic Debate

Here you can listen to the entire 2 hours of audio of the National Public Radio/Iowa Public Radio Democratic debate:

Click the play button:
NPR Democratic Debate


Here’s a story on it from Yahoo! News:

DES MOINES, Iowa (Reuters) – The Democratic White House contenders on Tuesday criticized front-runner Hillary Clinton’s support of a get-tough resolution on Iran, saying it aided President George W. Bush in a reckless march toward war.

In a debate in Iowa, Clinton’s rivals questioned her Senate vote earlier this year to declare an Iranian military unit a terrorist group and ridiculed her claim it was aimed to bolster an aggressive diplomatic approach.

“Declaring a military group sponsored by the state of Iran a terrorist organization, that’s supposed to be diplomacy?” asked John Edwards, a former North Carolina senator.

Clinton, a New York senator who leads national polls in the Democratic White House race and is locked in a tight three-way struggle in Iowa with Edwards and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, said the resolution had led to some positive changes in Iran.

“I understand politics, and I understand making outlandish political charges, but this really goes way too far,” she told Edwards.

“If we thought that anything in that resolution gave even a pretense of legitimacy to President Bush taking any action, we wouldn’t have voted that way,” she said.

I have not had a chance to listen to it since I was gone all day Tuesday seeing the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular. It was indeed spectacular and I’d highly recommend it.