Hillary goes negative on Obama, big time

From the Des Moines Register:

Cedar Rapids, Ia. — Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton ramped up criticism of Illinois Sen. Barack Obama today, and said his positions on health care and handling of campaign finance rules have begun to reflect on his character.

The latest Des Moines Register poll shows Obama in the lead for the first time with 28 percent of caucusgoers saying he is their first choice. Clinton slipped to second place with 25 percent, down from 29 percent in October.

Clinton said at a Cedar Rapids stop designed to encourage first-time caucusgoers to attend and vote for her, that she would spend the next month drawing more contrasts between her and her Democratic rivals.

“I have said for months that I would much rather be attacking Republicans and attacking the problems of our country, because ultimately, that’s what I want to do as president, but I have been for months on the receiving act of consistent attacks,” she said. “Now the fun part starts.”

“Drawing contrasts” is code for bashing her opponents. Although, it has to be done, she’s ceding ground in Iowa.

Obama isn’t taking it lying down though, he’s started a new website basically illustrating Hillary’s alleged flip flops called “Hillary Attacks“.

He’s even got a counter:

Days since Senator Clinton promised she was not interested in attacking Democrats: 23

Days that Senator Clinton has spent attacking Democrats since making that promise: 19

Question, will the press of Hillary “going negative” hurt her more then saying nothing?

Update from Angry:

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, she has her hands in too many different piles of dog doo to keep her campaign in order. Between denouncing infighting while fighting within her party at the same time, taking jabs at the opposing party or even accusing her own party affiliates of using republican tactics etc….Hillary doesn’t have the common sense to see she’s doing herself in. The overall negative vibe around her just grows daily. She actually is starting to develop the potential to lose the Democratic nomination in my opinion.

The more child-like juvenile behavior she exudes, the more ground she’ll continue to lose.