Saturday Democratic forums conclusion and analysis – Video added

First, a story from the Washington Post on the Brown & Black Democratic forum held Saturday, 12/1:

DES MOINES, Dec. 1 — Could former senator John Edwards and Sen. Barack Obama be considering a truce?

For a brief moment Saturday night, that unlikely prospect suddenly appeared possible.

Democratic presidential candidates had gathered here for the Brown and Black Forum, a panel on minority issues, and during a question-and-answer period, Edwards (N.C.) was given an opportunity to aim a question at any of his rivals.

Rather than hit Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) with a tough challenge, Edwards lobbed something of a softball to Obama: Would the senator from Illinois, he asked, join him in pushing to raise the minimum wage to $9.50?

“I think our voices together are more powerful than our voices alone,” Edwards said, praising Obama even as he asked the question.

In his response, Obama did not hesitate. “The answer is yes,” he said, drawing a large round of applause. “And John has done good work on this.”

That notion, a truce between Edwards and Obama, could spell disaster for Hillary in Iowa. Clearly Obama and Edwards are trying to create each other as the Democratic caucus goer’s second choice. Since one of them will be knocked off in the voting, if their constituencies combine to back the other in full, they could overtake Hillary in Iowa.

A little more on the Iowa Heartland Forum:

Clinton has adopted more than one tone on immigration on the campaign trail. In front of some audiences, she has emphasized her desire to toughen enforcement at the borders and to crack down on employers who hire illegal workers. But on Saturday night, she struck a softer note, citing the country’s “immigrant values” and accusing the Republican candidates of demagoguery on the subject.

Earlier in the day, at a forum in Des Moines, Clinton was booed when she refused to pledge to push for immigration reform and to help provide a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants during her first 100 days as president.

More on the Heartland Forum here including video of Hillary being booed.

Nationally these events don’t mean much, they were geared to an Iowa audience. Hillary getting booed today simply cements the fact that liberal Democrats prefer Obama or Edwards to the status quo. Whereas, Hillary is doing better in New Hampshire where the more mainstream Democrats are carrying her strong. We’ll report on the polls over the next few days and see if any new trend emerges.

Again, anyone who finds video or has video of the Brown & Black forum, contact me or leave a comment on this post.


Here’s a report from ABC News on the Brown & Black Democratic forum:

“The rich white guy from the south” indeed.


Here’s a clip of Kucinich discussing health care at the Brown & Black Forum:

Anyone has more video, give me a shout.


Here’s another clip from the Brown & Black forum:


Here’s the entire video of the Iowa Heartland Democratic Forum:

12/1/07 – Iowa Democratic Heartland forum from Des Moines on C-SPAN

I’m still looking for the Brown & Black Forum.


Here’s the entire video of the Brown & Black Presidential Forum:

12/1/07 – The Iowa Brown & Black Democratic Presidential Forum from HDNet