Clinton hostage-taker incited by her own campaign ad?

Apparently so.

ABC News’ Political Radar is reporting just that:

ABC News’ Kate Snow reports: ABC News has learned that Leeland Eisenberg — the man accused of holding hostages at Hillary Clinton’s Rochester, N.H., campaign office for six hours on Friday — allegedly cited one of Clinton’s campaign commercials when police say he entered the office and claimed to have a pipe bomb strapped to his chest.

According to sources, the campaign office intruder was complaining about insurance issues and mentioned a recent campaign ad widely seen by New Hampshire voters.

“She helped that guy, she can help me,” Eisenberg allegedly told Clinton campaign staffers, referring to Joe Ward, a Clinton supporter featured in the ad. The intruder then demanded that Sen. Clinton talk with him. On the advice of law enforcement officials, the senator never did.

What an odd situation, clearly he was very mentally disturbed prior to this incident. To believe that your health insurance needs could be solved by taking hostages at a campaign office is nuts.