Richardson “Disgusted” at Republicans on immigration

Bill Richardson is fuming at the Republican discussion of immigration at the CNN/YouTube Republican debate.

Story from Yahoo!:

Nov. 30 (Bloomberg) — Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson said he was “depressed” and “disgusted” to see Republican candidates “trying to outdo each other on demonizing immigrants” during this week’s debate.

Attacking immigrants, said Richardson, the only Hispanic presidential candidate, “is not only wrong, it’s bad for the economy.” Richardson spoke during an interview on Bloomberg Television’s “Political Capital with Al Hunt.”

Anti-immigration sentiment was evident during the Nov. 28 Republican debate. Ex-Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney accused former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani of making the city into a “sanctuary” for illegal immigrants, while Giuliani said Romney operated a “sanctuary mansion” because illegal immigrants worked at his home. Richardson said Senator John McCain of Arizona is the only Republican contender with a balanced policy on the issue.

The southern border was discussed, sanctuary cities were discussed, and securing the border was discussed. Where was the denigration of “immigrants’?

If by “demonizing immigrants” you actually mean “securing the border”, then yes, it was discussed.

Furthermore, nobody was demonizing “immigrants”, they were discussing illegal immigration, there’s a distinct difference.

Democrats have discussed the issue as well, are they too demonizing “immigrants”? Just because you want to secure the border or end the sanctuary city policy doesn’t mean you’re demonizing anyone. It just means your discussing security.

However, Richardson is on the side of a certain driver’s license issue and 70% of America is on the other:

As New Mexico governor, Richardson allowed illegal immigrants to earn drivers’ licenses and attend public colleges at in-state tuition rates.

I have often thought Richardson isn’t a bad guy, but he’s wrong on this issue.