Obama meeting with Mike Bloomberg “for coffee”

This interesting little tidbit comes from WCBS-TV:

NEW YORK (AP) ― Mayor Michael Bloomberg has vowed to keep out of the presidential race, but he can’t seem to stay away from it — he and Democratic candidate Barack Obama have a coffee date in Manhattan.

The billionaire mayor and the Illinois senator were to meet early Friday, and the topic of conversation was anyone’s guess.

Maybe Bloomberg wants to annoy his home state senator, and Obama’s main opponent, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Bloomberg always speaks well of her publicly, although she did not endorse him when he twice ran for mayor as a Republican.

This isn’t the first time they’ve met either:

Bloomberg and Obama met last January when the mayor testified about security grants before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security.

It’s probably nothing but with Iowa as close as ever, anytime a candidate strays into questionable territory it makes major news.

Although, isn’t it sort of fun to flirt with the idea that if (when) Hillary wins the nomination, Obama could break from the party and run with Bloomberg on a third-party ticket? No, I know, it’ll never happen. But stories like this make the speculation possible.

Perhaps Bloomberg is considering an endorsement. I doubt it though, he has pretty much stated that he will stay nonpartisan in the race. Of course, that pledge sort of fuels speculation that he could make an independent run.


Here’s another WCBS-TV story on what went down at their breakfast:

Obama and Bloomberg met on a coffee date, scheduled because of their “mutual interest.” The billionaire mayor and the Illinois senator chatted over eggs and potatoes early Friday at the New York Luncheonette on East 50th Street.

“We are trying to push our agenda because it helps New Yorkers, and because what’s worked in New York will work elsewhere,” said Bloomberg spokesman Stu Loeser. “There are a lot of people we’d like to speak to and we’re going to continue to press our case.”

Security closed the diner to regular customers while the politicians were there.

So what was discussed?

Loeser said among the topics discussed were global warming, homeland security, education, and the economy. He added that Bloomberg wasn’t there for any other agenda such as joining forces as Obama’s wingman against Clinton.

Nothing big, just some breakfast and a discussion of the issues.