Hostage situation at Clinton campaign office in New Hampshire – Update: Resolved

This is all breaking from Fox News:

Police are investigating a possible hostage situation at a Hillary Clinton presidential campaign office in New Hampshire. Clinton is not in New Hampshire.

Rochester, N.H., police confirm only that “something is going on at the Clinton headquarters,” but provided no further details.

A Clinton spokesman said that no one has been hurt.

It was unclear how many people were being held at the Main Street facility in Rochester.

Clinton was scheduled to speak at the Democratic National Committee fall meeting later Friday in Northern Virginia.

More to come as it develops…


It seems as though the hostages have since been released.

Update from The Angry American: Via the AP wire:

By BEVERLEY WANG, Associated Press Writer
20 minutes ago

ROCHESTER, N.H. – A man claiming to have a bomb walked into a Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign office Friday and initially took at least four hostages, police and witnesses said. Three were released.

Clinton was not in the state at the time.

Update from The Angry American: All is well, the road flare strapping would-be-bomber has given himself up, no one was injured and all hostages have been released.

Update by Nate – 8:45 pm

OK, here’s the latest from WMUR:

ROCHESTER, N.H. — A hostage situation at the Rochester headquarters of the Hillary Clinton campaign ended with a man’s arrest Friday evening.

Leeland Eisenberg, of Somersworth, N.H., was immediately arrested after exiting the office and told to kneel and then lie on the ground before police placed handcuffs on him. Moments earlier, a young man believed to be the third and final hostage was released.

Police said Eisenberg took hostages at the office on 28 North Main St. Friday afternoon. Foster’s Daily Democrat reported that Eisenberg is well known to police in Rochester.

I pose a question to you all, should Hillary become the next president do you think we should expect more of this type of activity?

Looks like it came to a safe conclusion with nobody injured. Thank God.

Hillary reacted:

“I am very grateful that this difficult day has ended so well. All of my campaign staff and volunteers are safe,” Clinton said from her Washington, D.C., home Friday night. “I was in touch during the day with the families of those who were held hostage, and I commend their extraordinary courage under difficult circumstances. This has been a difficult day for everyone in our campaign.”

Clinton said that she would travel to New Hampshire to thank the law enforcement officials who helped to bring the hostage situation to an end.

Always a bunch a weirdo out there somewhere.

Info about who the dude was:

ABC News reported that the hostage-taker was an older man who was well known locally. He apparently has a history of mental illness and told his son Friday to “watch the news.”

The hostage-taker’s name was not officially released, but a witness who spoke with the man’s stepson said that he asked family members where he could purchase road flares. Some officials speculated that the man may have had the flares strapped to his body.

The witness said the man told her that his stepfather’s marriage was falling apart and that he had been drinking for the past 72 hours.

A friend of the family said that the man thought that there was a government conspiracy and that government officials were “coming after him.”

The eternal conspiracy that the government is out to get you. I would suggest to anyone else with a similar conspiracy theory to not take people hostage at anyone’s campaign headquarters. Reason being that now this man has created his own self-fulfilling prophecy! Now the government is definitely out to get him. It ends up being counterproductive. 🙂