Hillary gets standing ovation from…. evangelicals? – Video Added

Hillary spoke at Rick Warren’s Saddle Back Church in California yesterday, Nov 29th, when she made these remarks and garnered applause. It was part of a larger conference on Aids, all 2008 candidates were invited but it was Hillary’s remarks which made news.

The story from WorldNetDaily:

LAKE FOREST, Calif. – Within days of introducing a $50 billion plan to combat AIDS, Sen. Hillary Clinton received a standing ovation at one of the nation’s most influential evangelical churches after addressing its “Global Summit on AIDS and the Church” today.

If the Democratic presidential frontrunner’s aim was to make inroads into the heavily Republican evangelical electorate, her appearance at Saddleback Church with pastor and “The Purpose Driven Life” author Rick Warren apparently didn’t hurt.

Read some her comments which came with the applause:

Clinton said, “The commitment you have demonstrated, both to our faith in God and to doing his work here on earth is exemplary. And that is one of the many reasons I wanted to be here today.”

“My own faith journey is approaching a half century, and I know how far I have to go,” she said. “But I have been blessed in my life, starting with my family, and in the church of my childhood, to be guided every step of the way.”

Clinton said she’s often asked if she’s a “praying person.”

“I’ve always responded that I was fortunate enough to be raised to understand the power and purpose of prayer,” she said.

“But had I not been,” the senator quipped, “probably one week in the White House would have turned me into one.”

“It’s wonderful to know that the sustaining power of prayer is there for so many of us,” she said.

Clinton said one of her favorite passages of the Bible is the book of James’ admonition that “faith without works is dead.”

Once again, and I’ve said this numerous times, I always find it amazing how politicians suddenly become devout Christians during an election season. Any other time of year you never hear about it.


Here’s a CBS News video on the issue:

Could the “conservative Christian right be moving a bit to the left?” I would say no, the “conservative Christian right” is not. The “moderate Christian right” may be opening the door to typically Democratic issues such as global warming and Aids in Africa.

However, there’s no way I’m going to believe that most evangelical voters are going to ignore the 90% of other issues they disagree with Hillary Clinton on and vote for her anyway.