Dissension Bifurcation in the Ron Paul world over fund raising

Story from The Politico:

A one-day fundraising drive billed as the second “money bomb” for Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul appears to be falling well short of its target — at least partly because of a dispute among his zealous base of online supporters.

The goal of the drive — patterned after the original money bomb that turned the Texas congressman from “Ron who?” to a surprise factor in the race — was to raise $2.5 million Friday.

But on the eve of the second bomb, pledges totaled only $230,000 — less than 10 percent of the goal — apparently because many Paul supporters were more enthusiastic about another haul planned for Dec. 16.

Apparently all is not well among the Paul supporters. I think the argument is now over who can be more fanatical and too many non-campaign fund raisers are spoiling the pot.

At this point, the money bomb is just a bomb.

Has Ron Paul’s support amongst the Paulbots begun to wane?

Bifurcation, see comments.