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It’s getting pretty rough, tune in if you can.

We’ll have video clips later and the complete debate video once it completes.

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Full coverage of the Republican CNN/YouTube debate

The beginning was an absolute fist fight between Romney and Giuliani, it was getting really nasty at one point, we’ll get that video up soon. In fact, the whole attitude of the rest of the candidates seems weak now, like their parents just had a fight and they are trying to be quiet. It’s kind funny actually.

This has a far different feeling than the last GOP debate, there is a lot of negativity between candidates.

McCain is smacking Ron Paul directly saying his type of thinking led to World War II and the troops in Iraq would tell Ron Paul to let them win, that’s a powerful clip as well.

8:43 pm – Paul responding saying McCain is nuts, and more soldiers donate huge amounts to him than anyone.

Seems like Mitt and Rudy are waiting to go backstage and yell at each other more.

I haven’t counted but Duncan Hunter just played the Ronald Reagan card probably for the 8 or 10th time.

In my opinion, after watching so far, Mitt took it hard tonight from Rudy who continually pointed out that Mitt had illegal alien workers at his mansion in Massachusetts, I think this will affect him badly in the polls. Giuliani came out looking much stronger from the onset and is still holding that mantle.

8:48 pm – Spoke too soon on Giulani, asking him about the Politico report on fundraising.

8:49 pm – He handled it well

I can’t help but notice that the audio is completely off from the YouTube video questions being asked on the screen.

8:52 pm – The Fred Thompson ad they’re playing is hammering Romney and Huckabee on abortion and taxes, respectively. (They’re giving each candidate a chance to air a YouTube campaign ad)

Fred’s making Romney answer for his pro-choice support in Massachusetts, Mitt’s claiming “he was wrong” and who hasn’t made mistakes on issues.

Huckabee responding to charges that he’s a tax hiker.. Responds with a joke.. “when they’re kicking you in the rear, it means you’re still out front”

8:54 pm – Commercial time.. get a drink, snack..

8:59 pm – Funny video question on gun control, only Hunter answers

9 pm – Question to Rudy on gun control, quoting him, “why do you believe citizens should be required to pass an exam to bear arms”

Rudy responds with enforcing gun laws on the books

Rudy getting booed saying there should be “reasonable regulations”, not smart in Florida..

9:02 pm – Fred jumping on Rudy over the gun control issue..

9:09 pm – ok back, questions now on abortion

9:11 pm – Still abortion, the audience doesn’t seem to be satisfied with their answers,

Wait, there’s applause on Rudy saying abortion should be state’s rights and he wouldn’t sign a federal law banning it..

Romney says he would sign the bill, but the country’s not there yet.

9:13 pm – Question for Huckabee: “The death penalty, what would Jesus do?”

Getting applause for his answer supporting the death penalty, now explaining why it’s ok to support the death penalty and oppose abortion.

Follow-up, Huckabee: “Jesus was too smart to ever run for public office, that’s what Jesus would do”

Tancredo would pray for wisdom and courage..

9:16 pm – Next question, “Do you believe every word of this book (holds up the Bible)”

Huckabee to Giuliani – “Do I need to help you out on this one?”

Giulani says some of the Bible is interpretive, they all tend to agree and say they believe it’s the “word of God”

Romney’s campaign ad next.. weak.. not like Fred’s ad which attacked Romney and Huckabee…

Commercial time..

9:23 pm – Back, now Rudy’s commercial, it’s quite funny..

Next question on the “image of America to the Islamic world”

Giuliani drops the 9/11 card in explaining why we shouldn’t paint all Muslims with terrorism, now he’s attacking the Democrats and their refusal to use the term “Islamic terrorist”.

9:27 pm – McCain gets big applause for supporting the Iraq war

Next question, “how can the other candidates disagree with McCain that water boarding is torture?”

Mitt won’t answer if water boarding is torture..

9:29 pm – McCain attacks Romney, astonished that he “doesn’t know what water boarding is”, now going on about how water boarding is torture and against the Geneva convention..

Romney responds, says he won’t say what he believes about water boarding, sort of dodges addressing the charges.. says he doesn’t believe it’s appropriate to comment on whether or not it’s torture

McCain: “life is not 24 and Jack Bauer”

9:32 pm – next question on how long we should be in Iraq

Thompson answers “we shouldn’t be there longer than we need to be”

Paul responds, “best commitment we can make is to give Iraqi people their country back”

McCain responds to Paul, “we never lost Vietnam, American public forced us to lose”, says al-Qaeda wants to “follow us home”

McCain booed a little, back to Paul who contradicts McCain, says McCain’s a loon on the issue

Tancredo on the issue, “I wish we lived in the world Ron describes, unfortunately honest to God, that’s not the case”

9:37 pm – Next question for Giuliani, “how do you respond to charges that you’re using 9/11 to get into the White House”

Giuliani: “Look at my record in whole”

Now running down his list of why he’s qualified well outside of what happened on 9/11

9:40 pm – Next question, “will you grant your VP as much power as Dick Cheney?”

Thompson answers, “VP has a duel role, has places in executive and senate, needs to be in administration”

McCain, “Bush needed Cheney for foreign policy after 9/11, I wouldn’t as president”

Hunter campaign ad, weak, and not funny..

Last commercial

9:47 pm – Back, Huckabee’s campaign, focused on his faith, not bad..

Next question, “why you think that American men and women are not professional enough to serve with gays and lesbians?”

Hunter answers, “having openly homosexual people serving in the ranks would be bad for unit cohesion”, says that many conservatives serve in the military, shouldn’t make them serve with homosexuals

Huckabee’s answer, “their conduct puts at risk the the military”

Romney, a little flip flop on the issue, says “it’s not the time for gays openly in the military”, Anderson Cooper is pressing him on the issue, het gets booed..

The man who asked the YouTube question says he didn’t get an answer, now speaking to the candidates and responding to their answers, says “don’t ask don’t tell is bad for military policy”

Technical problems.. hmm.. did they cut him off?

McCain responding, says he talks with military leaders, “almost unanimously they tell me this current policy is working, policy should be continued”

9:52 pm – next question, “would you accept the support of the log cabin Republicans?”

Huckabee, “I disagree with them, but need all the support I can get, wouldn’t change position for them”

next question, “what will you do as Pres to repay social security money and restore the trust fund?”

Thompson responds with his SS plan

Romney, “over spending in Washington, out of control entitlements, we need a new course, not to follow Hillary to the left”

I’m wondering how that answers the question.

9:55 pm – Next question, “will you pledge to send a human to Mars by 2020?”

Huckabee, “we should fund the space program more”, makes a joke on GPS units getting people to the arena.. “Hillary should be on the first rocket to Mars”

Tancredo, “We’re talking about debt and out of control, and we’re being asked about sending someone to Mars, we can’t afford it”

9:58 pm – Next question, “why don’t we (African-Americans) vote for you?”

Giuliani, “our philosophy would be most attractive to minorities” like choice in education, etc…

Huckabee, “African-Americans vote in high numbers for me”

10:01 pm – next question, “what does the confederate flag represent?”

Romney, “not going to address that flag, we have more important issues”, attacks Edwards over two Americas, “that flag is divisive”

Thompson, “I know everybody who hangs a flag up in their room like that is not a racist, for many Americans, it’s a symbol of racism and in public it shouldn’t be displayed”

10:03 pm – Ron Paul’s campaign video, boring, says America is an “empire”..

Next question, “What infrastructure investments should we make to save America?”

Giuliani, “we faced this problem in NYC, made a working plan”

Paul, “problem is serious, we’re taxed to blow up bridges overseas while our domestic bridges are falling down”

McCain, “I’ll veto pork barrel spending”, “we’ll let states make the decisions”, also says Giuliani fought line item veto

Giuliani responds to McCain, “line item veto is unconstitutional”

10:07 pm – next question for Ron Paul, “Will you run as an independent?”

Paul, “I have no intention of doing this, I am a Republican”, says we raised $4.3 million in one day

Last question,

10:09 pm – to Giuliani, “why did you root for the Red Sox in the post season?”

Giuliani, “I’m an American league fan, Yankees will win next year”, says when he was Mayor, Yankees won 4 world series championships, now they’ve won none.

Romney, “we’ve waited 87 long years as Red Sox fans”

The End!

Look for the full video up here soon!