CNN/YouTube Republican Debate Conclusions – Video Added

Here’s a news report from Breitbart on the Giuliani/Romney battle:

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) – Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney scornfully debated immigration Wednesday in a testy personal exchange in which Giuliani accused Romney of employing illegal immigrants at his home and running a “sanctuary mansion.”

Giuliani criticized Romney after the former Massachusetts governor claimed Giuliani had retained New York’s status as a sanctuary city while he was mayor.

Romney said it would “not be American” to check the papers of workers employed by a contractor simply because they have a “funny accent.” He had landscapers at his Belmont, Mass., home who turned out were in the country illegally.

Giuliani shot back, calling Romney’s attitude “holier than thou.”

“Mitt usually criticizes people when he usually has the far worse record,” Giuliani said.

The exchange came at the start of an innovative CNN-YouTube debate that forced the candidates to confront immigration immediately, signaling the volatility of the issue among Republican voters.

We’ll have the video and more reports coming soon…


It will clearly be the Giuliani/Romney exchange which will dominate the news out of this debate. We’ll have the clip up shortly.


Here’s the clip of the Romney/Giuliani battle from the beginning:

Giuliani won that round in my opinion, by a hair. Although they both got pretty nasty and seemed to be dragging it on each thinking if they responded one more time, they’d get the better of the other, I don’t think that was the case.

Furthermore, the question below is now under scrutiny as the man who asked it is apparently on Hillary Clinton’s advisory committee. I just saw this at 2008 Central:

As others have started to notice, Brigadier General Kieth H. Kerr, who asked a Youtube question about being openly gay in the military, and then was given not one but two open microphones to attack the candidates by CNN, is actually a co-chair of Veterans and Military Retirees for Hillary Committee. And it’s patently obvious if you Google the guys name as well.

Here is the clip of the video in question:

Not that his question was out of bounds, it’s legitimate, but he should have been identified as an adviser to the Hillary Clinton campaign. I’m betting this will become a “scandal” in a couple days by other media outlets.

Those video clips courtesy Hot Air

Also, we’ll have the entire debate video up by tomorrow so check back if you missed the entire thing. It’s worth watching.


The winners in my opinion: Huckabee, Thompson, and McCain.

Huckabee had very well-crafted answers, he never dodged anything. He had several very good answers to what could be seen as difficult questions.

Thompson also had the best policy-oriented answers, he didn’t dodge anything and sounded very clear and direct.

McCain had some very strong moments arguing with Ron Paul. I think McCain, for the first time, probably made some people remember why they may have supported him in 2000. He came off very hawkish on terrorism and very strong in defending the Iraq war along with the soldiers fighting it.

The losers in my opinion: Romney, Paul

Romney was shifty on several questions, he dodged answering directly on water boarding, the Bible, and a few others. He sounded like he was afraid to answer because he might offend someone.

Paul was weak and John McCain made him look weaker. He was on the same old tirade about bringing troops home and American imperialism. McCain brought him to shame on the Iraq issue. I’m aware that I will now be spammed by Ron Paul supporters who will inform me that Ron Paul is as close to the second coming of Christ that we’re going to get.

The in-betweens: Giuliani, Tancredo, Hunter

Giuliani didn’t come off as losing or winning, he answered questions but took many hits, especially on immigration. He did well, but others outshine him.

Tancredo and Hunter gave their usual performances but they’re not really going anywhere in this campaign.