Video: Hillary says “It will be me” w/ Katie Couric

Here is the complete video of Hillary Clinton’s interview with Katie Couric tonight on the CBS Evening News:

Every candidate is sure it will be them, but for Hillary, I agree with her! I believe she’ll be the Democratic nominee as well, bar some upset in Iowa by Obama.

Report from CBS News:

(CBS) With the Iowa caucus just more than a month away, CBS News anchor Katie Couric sat down for an exclusive interview with Democratic frontrunner Sen. Hillary Clinton.

She’s the woman on everyone’s mind right now. But polls in Iowa are showing the race could shape up to be very close. Couric asked Clinton if she’s lowering her expectations as the primary approaches.

“I never raised them, you know when I got into race at the beginning of the year. I wasn’t even in double-digits. I was so far behind in Iowa it was embarrassing,” Clinton said.

Her campaign instead is “encouraged” she said, because “we’re making progress – but I take nothing for granted, this is going to be a tight race.”

She has to remain confident, don’t concede any ground to Obama or Edwards, that will give them some legitimacy.