Attacks get personal between Romney, Giuliani

They are really going at each other. Here’s a report from CNN:

CONCORD, New Hampshire (CNN) — GOP hopefuls Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani exchanged numerous verbal spars over the weekend — just days before the two will meet face-to-face at the CNN/YouTube debate.

The bulk of the battle stemmed from Romney’s decision on Friday to call for the resignation of Massachusetts Superior Court Judge Kathe Tuttman — 20 months after he appointed her.

Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, learned that Tuttman had released without bail a convicted killer, who has since been charged with killing a married couple in Washington state.

Romney defended his decision Saturday, saying that Tuttman had “showed an inexplicable lack of good judgment,” and that, despite her “record of being a law and order prosecutor,” her poor judgment requires her to step down.

Second, here’s a video report from CBS News on the matter:

New Hampshire, according to the RPC average, is the first state where Giuliani stands a chance to overthrow Romney. Giuliani is quite distant in Iowa where Romney and Huckabee are battling it out.

My scenario is that if Romney wins Iowa, I’m betting he wins New Hampshire as well. However, if Huckabee upsets in Iowa, the race is once again wide open in New Hampshire.