Video: Fred Thompson on Fox News Sunday 11/25/07

Here’s the video of Fred Thompson’s entire, somewhat feisty, appearance on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace from today in 2 parts:

Here’s a news report on the appearance from The Hill:

Former Sen. Fred Thompson (R-Tenn.) suggested on Sunday that Fox News is biased against his campaign, charging that the network highlights commentators who have been critical of his run for the presidency.

In an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” host Chris Wallace pressed Thompson on how some conservatives have lambasted Thompson’s campaign and showed clips of Fox conservative commentators Charles Krauthammer and Fred Barnes criticizing the former senator.

Thompson said, “This has been a constant mantra of Fox, to tell you the truth.” He noted that other conservatives have praised his bid for the GOP nomination and took issue with a Fox promo that focused on polling in New Hampshire, where Thompson is registering in the single digits.

He said he is running second in national polls and has been leading or tied for the lead in South Carolina for “a long, long time.”

Thompson, in a firm, but measured tone, scolded Wallace: “…for you to highlight nothing but the negatives in terms of the polls and then put on your own guys who have been predicting for four months, really, that I couldn’t do it, kind of skew things a little bit. There’s a lot of other opinion out there.”

Wallace pressed him even further on the issue:

Wallace denied to Thompson that “Fox has been going after you” and asked, “Do you know anybody who thinks you’ve run a great campaign, sir?”

Thompson responded, “It’s not for me to come here and try to convince you that somebody else thinks I’ve run a great campaign.” He added that National Review magazine has praised him for issuing detailed policy proposals on Social Security and immigration.

I would say that all of the media has been chiding Thompson for getting in too late, not seeming enthusiastic, etc.., not just Fox News to Wallace’s credit. However, Fred’s got a right to get a little testy but Wallace is asking him about criticism which has been levied against him, it’s a chance to respond publicly and on the record to it.

Time will tell if this has helped or hurt him amongst weary supporters, I’m betting a neutral response.