Video: Entire CNN Democratic Debate from Las Vegas, NV

Finally I’ve got the entire video uploaded and ready for viewing. Had some technical difficulties but they have been ironed out. It was giving me such a pain that I decided to screw it create my own ability to host and stream video. So, here is the first version of that completely hosted here. This will be tweaked and adjusted for the best video quality at the least file size.

Click the image to watch:

11/15/07 – CNN Democratic debate from Las Vegas, Nevada

According to Mediabistro, this debate had the highest ratings yet, no doubt fueled by people wanting to see how Hillary would fair:

The first primary debate ever held in Nevada was a hit for CNN with more than four million total viewers watching. CNN says it’s the highest-rated primary debate in recorded history.

And no doubt, a spike in viewer ship due to Sen. Hillary Clinton’s critically panned performance in Philadelphia two weeks ago. How would she fare on this night? On that point, Klein says, “the horse race gets them in the tent, but it’s not going to keep them there.”

Don’t be left out, head over and watch it.