CNN Panders to Clinton

From Fox News:

Maria Parra-Sandoval, 22, a senior political science major at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, said she wanted to ask the Democratic frontrunner where she stood on the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear repository in Nevada, an issue about which she said she wrote a paper as a finalist for a Truman Scholarship.

Following the student’s complaints, CNN released the following statement:

“As a service to our viewers and the candidates, the audience questioners were encouraged not to ask questions about topics that had already been addressed during the debate. The questions, including both Yucca Mountain and the diamonds/pearls question, were entirely the questioner’s own.

“Yucca had already been discussed, so with less than two minutes left in the debate, CNN asked the student if she’d like to ask her ‘diamonds or pearls’ question. The student agreed to ask her question, and it seemed like a light-hearted way to end the two-hour debate.”

Yucca Mountain had been discussed earlier in the night, but not by Clinton.

Parra-Sandoval said CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux told her right before the end of the debate to go with the following question:

“This is a fun question for you. Do you prefer diamonds or pearls?”

I suppose a backlash will result from the rest of the candidates on both sides of the fence.

Update by Nate

I’m not sure if this was pandering or just discretion by CNN to go with a short question to wrap things up. Anything they did would be scrutinized because of the reports earlier in the week that Hillary’s campaign was leaning on Wolf Blitzer to go easy on her. They should have just nixed her question entirely since they were already well over time.

For the record, here’s the video of the question for anyone who hasn’t yet seen it:

It was sort of funny and lightened the mood a bit.