Video: Tom Tancredo Responds to Critics Of His New Ad

If you aren’t familiar with Tancredo’s new controversial ad, it plays at the beginning of the clip so pay attention. One thing it did accomplish was to turn Tancredo back into a headline.

I have one word for this ad: Desperation.

While I don’t dispute the content, the scenario is surely a possibility and the FBI even recently released warnings about shopping malls and other soft targets. However, this type of ad is sort of the all-or-nothing approach to presidential elections.

It’s not gonna doing anything for Tancredo, he’ll be out soon enough. It does, however, bring the issue into the national headlines again. Tancredo will probably run for senate or some other position but this time around the presidency doesn’t have anything near his name on it.

This will probably be one of the last meaningful posts about Tancredo before the inevitable one reporting that he’s dropped out.