Did Hillary Clinton Kill Spitzer’s Driver’s License Plan?

According to Fred Dicker of the New York Post and a NewsBusters story, yes. Here’s the video of Dicker making this claim to Chris Matthews:

Well, maybe not Hillary directly, just “high-level consultants”:

MATTHEWS: Well how does it work? Did she send word through New York politicians that it was hurting her?

DICKER: Well first of all Spitzer’s a very smart guy and he’s aware of what happened. Secondly, they travel in similar circles. High-level consultants talk with one another. The governor’s political consultants and advisors were advised as to the damage that was done here. That’s how it was related.

Either way, no doubt Spitzer was helping to drag Hillary further into the illegal alien driver’s license controversy which is something she doesn’t need heading into the Las Vegas debate on Thursday, 11/15. I’m betting a few “phone calls” were made concerning this issue to the governor’s office.