Clinton Begins to Drop in Polls

From Yahoo:

Mon Nov 12, 9:25 PM ET

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton’s lead is shrinking among Democratic contenders for the White House after a series of miscues and stepped-up attacks by her rivals.

Her air of invincibility took a hit this week amid reports that her staffers had planted audience questions, combined with fresh criticism by Democrats who accused her of shifting with the political winds during a presidential debate two weeks ago.

Although the former first lady still leads the pack of Democratic contenders for the White House, polls released Monday suggested that her campaign was losing steam.

Clinton had for months commanded a 30-point advantage over her closest competitor, Illinois Senator Barack Obama, but Monday saw that lead slip to 19 percent, according to the CNN/Opinion Research Corporation

Apparently people have begun to realize Hillary isn’t the answer to all our problems. Big Surprise….