Nancy Reagan Raising Money for Mike Bloomberg

This is an interesting story from the New York Sun:

While many of the Republican candidates for president are scrambling to cast themselves as the next Ronald Reagan, Mayor Bloomberg this week will be entertaining the wife of the deceased 40th president, Nancy Reagan, at his Upper East Side townhouse, as well as hosting a fund-raiser for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

Political analysts say any link between Mr. Bloomberg and Reagan would be a boost for the mayor if he ran for president as a third-party candidate.

Despite the fact that Bloomberg says he’s not running, his Google Ads keep appearing on this site talking about bipartisanship and pointing to which looks like a campaign site to me.

One central policy area on which Mr. Bloomberg and Mrs. Reagan share common views is support for stem cell research.

That they do, and I had previously discounted Bloomberg from the campaign but I’m begining to wonder whether he may just be waiting for the Democrats and GOP to finish their primaries.

I heard this morning, I can’t remember where, but that Bloomberg’s ultimate plan, if he were to announce, would be to do so in March once all the primaries are done. At that time, he could easily fund everything and get his name on all state ballots.

I guess only time will tell, but news like a Nancy Reagan semi-endorsement is big.

A political consultant, Joseph Mercurio, said the fund-raiser is another example of Mr. Bloomberg adopting a schedule that would be expected from a presidential candidate.

It would not surprise if he announces. The question, which side will he hurt more, Democrats or Republicans? I honestly believe he’d hurt Democrats more. I say this because outside New York City, the rest of the country sees him as a liberal on pretty much every issue. We shall see.