Fred Thompson Endorsed by Right to Life

Big news for Thompson, from AOL News:

INDIANOLA, Iowa (AP) – Fred Thompson, the candidate billing himself as the most consistent conservative in the crowded Republican field, has won the presidential endorsement of the National Right to Life Committee, GOP officials said Monday.

The nod by the prominent anti-abortion group could boost the lackluster campaign of the former Tennessee senator. He has seen his poll numbers drop in recent weeks in Iowa and elsewhere as he has failed to become the consensus candidate of restive social conservatives still searching for someone to embrace.

“It speaks for itself,” an upbeat Thompson told reporters while campaigning here – even as he spoke in hypothetical terms and declined to confirm the endorsement. “These are people who supported me in times past. I think it would be a perfectly natural thing to happen. I’ve had a 100 percent pro-life voting record in the United States Senate. And I think they know that, and that’s the way I would govern if I was president.”

I’m not so sure this will do too much for Thompson, he’s not doing to well in Iowa or New Hampshire at this point. I wouldn’t entirely discount him yet since the race is pretty open. I think Thompson’s lucky that other candidates like Brownback aren’t still around to get this endorsement.


Here’s a video report on the issue.